Fallon County Timely-Tips

   … and the ants came marching two by two … hurrah! Hurrah! or NOT!

By Sherry Vogel

   This time of year those little pesky bugs start moving in.  What can a person do?

   Ants come in to find food. So the first step is a thorough cleaning. Next, caulk visible cracks around kitchen counters and under the sink counters. You can use ant baits, but why not try some natural deterrents that are likely in your cupboards?

  Sprinkle dry Cream of Wheat, indigestible (and lethal) to ants, along the room’s perimeter, suggests Myles H. Bader, Dr. P.H. author of 1001 All-Natural Secrets to a Pest-Free Property. Use substances ants don’t like to cross like: chalk, cinnamon and ground black pepper are a few, as a barrier, to block their main corridors. Full strength vinegar sprayed from a bottle near doors and on window sills also works like a charm.

   Another popular home remedy: mix borax, a naturally occurring mineral that’s toxic to ants, with a little maple syrup (avoid this method if you have pets or kids). With these techniques you should see a major reduction in 30 days or less, depending on the colony size, says Bader.