Almy competes in Miss Montana

Toby-Jeanne   Toby-Jeanne Almy, 22, daughter of Curtis and Patricia Almy of Miles City, is competing to be the next Miss Montana June 9-11 at the DCHS auditorium in Glendive. She has already qualified for the $850 scholarship but is hoping for the $5,000 scholarship and the chance to represent Montana at the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City.

   Toby-Jeanne is majoring in psychology at Carroll College and is developing a custom cosmetics business. She will be singing and her platform is Generations United. Toby-Jeanne credits Terry Annalora who gave her start in vocal performance for giving her a reason to keep going when discouraged. If she has free time she likes to go see “granny and the cats”. When she was chosen Miss Congeniality in 2014, she realized she had tremendous support from her fellow contestants and it’s been a blessing.