100 Years Ago

Fallon County Times Successor to the Fallonite

Printed weekly at Baker, Montana, in the interest of the people.

Butte H. Tipton, Publisher

Entered at the Postoffice at Baker, Montana,

as Second Class Matter

Two dollars the year, strictly in advance

  The Fallon County Times is 100 years old the week, May 25, 2016.

   Following are a couple of stories from back then.

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Auto turns over — Ollie man hurt

   Bound for the labor day picnic at Willard Monday, an automobile driven by Ted Ross turned turtle, its occupants were thrown out and Ross, who was driving the car, was pinioned beneath the steering wheel.

   The car contained a party of men from Ollie and was going at the rate of about 20 miles an hour when it struck a small block of wood lying in the road. The car swerved out of the road and turned over.

   Ross was taken to Willard where he remained during the day, not realizing the extent of his injuries until evening, when he was seized with severe pains.

   He was taken charge of by Sheriff Jones who later turned him over to a couple of his friends and asked that he be taken to the hospital. On his arrival in Baker, Ross insisted on going on to his home in Ollie.

   The car was considerably damaged, both front wheels being crumpled.

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Baker’s new tailor comes with good recommendation

   John Paulides, who has conducted a tailor shop here the past year, says the Ismay Journal, left Tuesday for Baker where he purchased a tailoring establishment, taking possession of the same at once. We are sorry to lose John, as he is not only a fine tailor, but a good citizen who was always ready to help with anything for the betterment of the town. The band, of which he was an enthusiastic member, will also miss him. We bespeak for him a good business in his new location.

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Hundreds spend day at Willard

   Labor Day was fittingly observed by hundreds of people who congregated at a picnic at Willard.

  Quite an interesting program was prepared by Felix Wagner and others having it in charge and everything went off without a ripple.

   An exciting foot race took place between Glenn Bush of Bisher and Earl Jackson of Plevna. The first heat was declared a tie. The second heat was won by Bush.

   In the pony race, Walter Davie’s gray, ridden by W.T. Westrope, won first prize; George F. Askin’s sorrel, second; Roy Cory, third.

   The baseball game between Ped Aker’s giants and Willard team resulted in a victory for the former. Score: 19-14.

   The day’s festivities concluded with a dance in Willard hall which continued until daylight Tuesday morning.

   The horse races and the auto speed contest also proved interesting.

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Hotel tangle is yet unraveled

   Following the conference of creditors involved in the Baker Hotel Co. litigation it was hoped a satisfactory adjustment could be brought about that would permit the completion of the building.

   Efforts in this direction proved futile, however.

   The plan was for creditors, whose claims amount to over $24,217, to hold them in abeyance and advance sufficient funds to complete the hotel. Failing to come to such an agreement, the matter will have to be settled in court.

   Jack Pratt originally brought suit for foreclosure on a lien, the amount being $24,217.Two demurrers were filed, one by the First National Bank and the other by Peter Beauchaine.

   These demurrers will be heard by the court sometime this month.

   W.J. Ainsworth of West Union, Iowa, represents the Carpenter-Webster Lumber Co.; Peter Beauchaine is represented by Desmond J. O’Neill of Glendive; Goble & Goble, the First National Bank; Booth & Dousman are attorneys for Jack Pratt.