Petroleum County resident bids for third term in Montana House District #37

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Bill Harris, Winnett, is eyeing his third term in the Montana House of Representatives this upcoming election.

By Sherry Vogel

If successful in his bid, this will be his final term. A politician is limited out after serving three terms. “I’ve always said if I feel I’m contributing, I will go back. I felt that way more this year than ever before.”

   Harris, a fourth generation Montana rancher, believes that Montana needs ordinary people to stand up and defend its freedom and future prosperity. He states, “I am not a lawyer or elite, I am a Reagan Republican and a Commonsense Conservative.” He has been  a strong opponent in providing and supporting legislation mutually beneficial to wildlife management, outdoor sportsmen, and property owners.

   He fights to limit government and expand economic opportunity as well as individual freedom in Montana. Born in Lewistown and raised north of Grass Range, this Vietnam vet has been successful in building a ranch as well as establishing a successful hunting business, Fort Musselshell Outfitters and Crooked Creek Marina. This helped to create jobs and badly needed economic activity to his area.

   Harris has been very active in creating bills concerning mental health issues in the state, as well as a promoter of gun rights, blocking attempts to hold off free-ranging bison herds in central Montana, providing tax credits to employers who assist employees with paying off student loans, and requiring that Federal mandates be made public.

   Harris stands by a quote from Thomas Jefferson, “Leave no authority existing that’s not responsible to the people.” This leads him to demand government fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency.

   Harris asks for your support and your vote in the upcoming election and he asks you to call or email  him anytime to discuss policy, principles or patriotism.


Phone: 406-429-2900