Motor Sports Complex receives facelift

track work

  This spring, the Motor Sports Complex just west of Baker has undergone a facelift. Tri-Area Racing Association changed the Bump N Run track and will tackle the motocross track in the upcoming weeks. Upgrades to the Bump N Run track included banked corners to help avoid rollovers, widened to accommodate the anticipated increase in racers and will have improved drainage. The southwest bank area of the arena will be sloped to allow spectators to view the entire track. A portable registration trailer is being built to aid in the efficiency of driver registration. The building will be electrified so programs with that day’s racers can be distributed for the spectators to watch their favorite racers all the way through to the Mains.

  The motocross track will have part of the existing track converted into a technical course. Some of the current jumps will be dressed up and widened so four-wheelers can maneuver the track as easily as motorcycles.

   This year’s Bump N Run race is Sunday, June 26, at noon with two main classes of cars: Modified and Limited. A guaranteed purse of $7,500 will be split between the first six places of each class. Trophies will be awarded to the top five places in each class.

   Another race will also be held Saturday, July 23, in Baker.

   The Montana Bump N Run Association is also promoting a truck class and a pure stock class so there will be a variety of racing entertainment. There will also be a calcutta again this year as well as concessions provided by Brightside Day Care.