Meet the candidates running for Fallon County Commissioner

• Primary Election June 7

   Q. Why should the citizens of Fallon County vote for you?

Kevin Dukart

Dukart   Voters sometimes feel a candidate may not represent their interests. Rural and city residents differ in their expectations of government services. My background in agriculture and experience in city government would best serve the diverse issues of the Fallon County voters.

   As a rancher, I rely on roads to safely transport machinery, care for livestock and to access pastures and fields. In addition, those involved in oil and gas production also depend on these roads. In lean times of oil revenues, a priority of our commissioners should assure that funds are available for road upgrade and maintenance. As commissioner, I would be responsive to those whose livelihood depends upon well maintained county roads.

   Although I reside in the county, I realize the needs of city residents differ in many ways. Throughout my career in public service as the City of Baker clerk and treasurer, I have demonstrated objectivity to the decisions affecting those I serve. Our county has an important role in shared planning and infrastructure developments affecting the cities. As a commissioner, I would have extensive insight to best serve the concerns of city residents.

   To address the varied needs of all county voters, a strong cooperative effort is necessary amongst government entities. My background and experience will allow me to meet the challenges of these diverse interests.

Dave Havens

Dave Havens NEWNEW   I am asking you, the citizens of Fallon County, to vote Dave Havens. I have spent the past 8 1/2 months at the commission meetings acquiring “on the job training” skills to become your next commissioner. During this period, I have come to know Commissioner Ranum and Commissioner Baldwin and I know that I can work closely with them. I intend to vote the conscience of the people knowing that we can agree to disagree in achieving the goals of Fallon County. Having attended the Montana Association of Counties meeting last September, I met commissioners, senators and representatives from across the state. The benefits of this “networking” will be instrumental when lobbying in Helena for the needs of Fallon County. I have also met with representatives of the Montana Department of Transportation who deal with the infrastructure of roads in eastern Montana. My past experience working with a U.S. Representative in the 101st U.S. Congress has given me experience that only I can bring to the job. I have personally met Senator Daines, Senator Testor, and U.S. Representative Zinke along with many of their staff. I am prepared and ready! I  alone have committed to provide access to all citizens by being in office daily from eight in the morning until noon. Also, I will be out visiting the citizens of Fallon County from one in the afternoon until I return home. This is my commitment to being a full time commissioner! I will be there to faithfully serve you, the citizens of Fallon County!

Randy Hoenke

Hoenke   I have devoted 32 years working for the citizens of Fallon County. I have been dedicated to serving the people as the Fire Chief and am still active on the department and on various boards. I’m a familiar face and have a diverse background in leadership, a sound business sense, a spirit of integrity and cooperation which are necessary for the growth and progress of Fallon County.

   I will continue to work hard and listen to the people and make the right decision for the right reasons. I have proved to the citizens that I care for Fallon County and I would be honored if you would elect me to be your commissioner. I would sincerely appreciate your vote.

Roy Rost

Roy Rost   I have spent my whole life in Fallon County. I know the people and I know the issues our county faces. My years in agriculture and as a business owner in Baker have helped me to connect with and empathize with people from both rural and city backgrounds. I am honest, trustworthy and a good listener. I have a history of public service in both my church and the community at large. I have also given my time over the years to serving on county and city boards including the Little Beaver Conservation District Board, Planning Board, and the newly formed Zoning Commission Board. These positions have given me insight and equipped me to take on a bigger role in serving Fallon County. I trust in my ability to cooperate with the other commissioners and the city to make the best decisions for the people in the county. On the campaign trail I have had several people ask me why I would want the headache of being commissioner. The answer is that I want to give back to the community that has meant so much to me. I believe that I have the skills necessary to do this job and do it well. I would be honored to have your vote in the June primary.