Fallon County Timely-Tips

FC Timely Tips

     Summer is a time to travel.

By Sherry Vogel

The kids are out of school and the weather is favorable. Due to lower gas prices, fuel is cheap. It’s the perfect opportunity to round up the family, pack the car, and head out on the road for the ultimate adventure. Many parents traveling with children know how quickly boredom can set in which can lead to sibling squabbles in a very confined area. Here are a few sanity saving tips for traveling with youngsters.

   Car Bingo: Those square cards with sliding clear plastic windows to cover items spied along the road are still available. Tip – sweeten the pot by offering small prizes.

   New Toys: Make a trip to the dollar store without the children and purchase activity books, coloring books, or pocket games. Tip – take a new surprise out one by one as the child gets bored with the last activity.

   New Foods: Purchase snacks and foods you usually don’t buy. The sheer joy of trying new treats will keep the kids happy and healthy. Tip – think fruit leather, flavored popcorn, trail mix or pretzels. Juice boxes are a good idea for car travel.

   Family Games: Children and parents enjoy having the opportunity to learn to interact with each other while building vacation memories. Playing such games as I Spy, the License Plate Game and family sing-alongs are fun. Tip – It’s a prime opportunity to share stories about family and ancestral history.