Baby wins grand prize – 1924 automobile

‘Lucky Winner’18 month old, Drury Phebus wins a 1924 Chevy automobile in Milwalkee Railroad contest	   Submitted photo
‘Lucky Winner’ 18 month old, Drury Phebus wins a 1924 Chevy automobile in Milwalkee Railroad contest.                Submitted photo

   In last week’s insertion of historic news from the Fallon County Times 1916, the back page spoke of a Grand Prize Distribution of a Chevy Touring Car to be given away as a grand prize in a contest sponsored by the Times.

By Sherry Vogel

A local 93 year old Baker resident came down to the Times Office to report he was the winner of that prize those many years ago. He said his father bought a number of chances to win the car and put his name on one of the tickets. As luck  would have it … he at the tender age of 18 months old was the grand prize winner! We were excited that the winner of the Fallon County Times first contest was still alive. Then we did the math – the grand gentleman was born in 1923, six years after our contest. So in researching the claim, we discovered although the gentleman did not win our contest, he did indeed win a car as a grand prize in another drawing held in Baker just six years later. The Chicago, Milwaukee,  Pacific, locally known as the Milwaukee Railroad, of which his father, Flace Smithin Phebus, was employed as a depot agent, offered a 1924 Chevy automobile to the lucky winner of a drawing.  Mr. Phebus wrote his son Drury’s name on one of his many tickets. Lo and behold! Drury Gregor Phebus at the tender age of 18 months was the lucky winner! Proof is in the pudding and here is a photo of Drury on the tire well of “his new car” as proud mother and father, Flace and Selma Phebus, look on. Photo cir. 1924.