Welcome to Scooterville

Students enjoying traveling through Scooterville.
Students enjoying traveling through Scooterville.

   For P.E. class, Miss Coon set up a simulation of a small town in the gym.

By Dylan Sander

Students navigated the streets on scooters to imitate driving in the real world. Scooterville includes two-lane highways made using jump ropes, a four way stop, and other intersections which are complete with stop signs, yield signs, one-ways, do not enter signs, speed limits, a carwash, church, art store, school, coffee shop, grocery store, movie theatre, fire station, post office, restaurant, hospital, clothing store, houses and even a jail wherein offenders do jumping jacks to pay for their crimes committed on the streets of Scooterville.

   Students may also exchange currency for some of the services listed above. Everyone enjoyed learning to drive in Scooterville.