Planning Board to update Growth Policy

Submitted by Mary Grube Planner Administrative Assistant

   The Fallon County Commission has tasked the Fallon County Planning Board to update the 2013 Growth Policy. John How and Forrest Sanderson from KL&J have obtained a grant from CTAP to accomplish this and have entered into a contract with the Department of Commerce to perform planning services surrounding this grant. The estimated cost of this project is $12,000. This grant is 100 percent funded with no matched funds as long as the Planning Board stays within the boundaries set by the grant application. The standards set by the Montana Dept. of Commerce in the approved grant funding are as follows:

   • Update the County Growth Policy to conform to standards in MCA 76-1-601:607.

   • Utilize existing population estimates from CEIC and US Census.

   • Prepare a future land use map to accompany the Growth Policy; map will use Montana Cadastral data sets and local paper maps.

   • Prepare other relevant maps including but not limited to natural resources, gravel resources and wild land urban interface.

   • Develop a more comprehensive plan with data based on the oil and gas pull back in the region; Growth Policy to be a complete plan with ability to update future versions as data becomes available.

   • Include subdivision review criteria, intergovernmental coordination and implementation schedule.

   • Develop a trail plan and updated policy plan for Baker Lake.

   • Draft Growth Policy will be available for internal county review by September 1, 2016. Public hearing and comment on draft plan by October 3, 2016 (this meeting may occur earlier if county officials have few edits to the plan).

   • Proposed adoption of final Growth Policy by November 14, 2016 (this meeting may occur earlier if the public has few edits to the plan).

   March 7, 2016 will be the kick off date to begin this project. From there the Planning Board anticipates meeting every two weeks to stay on course with the Growth Plan.