Building Better Beef

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The Fallon/Carter County Extension hosted a “Building Better Beef” workshop for 4-H and FFA youth Feb. 13 at the Baker Senior Center.

Submitted by Kodie Olsen, 4-H Program Assistant

Microsoft Word - Building Better Beef.docxThere were 21 youth who attended. Youth who are enrolled in an animal project either in the 4-H or FFA program are required to attend a Livestock Quality Assurance class every other year and also when they change age groups. These classes offer the youth knowledge on the requirements in the care of their livestock project.

   The day was broken into two classes which were taught by MSU Extension Beef Specialist Meghan Van Emon and Fallon/Carter County Extension Agent Elin Kittelmann. The first class taught by Meghan covered the following topics: how to feed your market steer, proper injection placement, injection site blemishes, and meat quality. The second class was taught by Elin and assisted by 4-H Program Assistant Kodie Olsen, covered how to make a rope halter. Each youth was able to construct their own halter and take it home.

   For more information on Extension programs or questions regarding the 4-H program, contact the Fallon/Carter County Extension Office at 406-778-7110.