First grade celebrates 100 days of school

1st grade 100 days

   February 9, Mrs. Tunby’s first grade class celebrated their 100th day of school this year.

By Nicole Allerdings

They completed several fun activities throughout the day. The students popped ten balloons each containing a slip of paper telling them to do an action ten times. Some of the actions included jumping jacks, eye blinking, and push-ups. Each student colored a special 100 day poster. They filled in a connect-the-dots teddy bear, created a pattern on 100 balloons, and drew a picture of an item they would like to have 100 of. Another activity the students completed was practicing to see how many times they could clap in 100 seconds.

   They enjoyed a snack of a sucker and two circular cookies that formed the shape of “100”. The students each wore unique 100 day glasses. These fun activities allowed the students to celebrate 100 days of learning at school.