Cougar Café

 Taylor Rieger delivering coffee to Mrs. Brenner.
Taylor Rieger delivering coffee to Mrs. Brenner.

   Sophomore Taylor Rieger is learning about businesses by running a coffee shop called the Cougar Café.

By Nicole Allerdings

First, she used Google Forms to survey teachers and find out what kind of drinks they preferred. After analyzing the data she received, she practiced using a Keurig to make coffee and then delivered it to teachers. Taylor is working with April Bruha and Mrs. Buerkle and has created a promotional flyer and a menu.

   The grand opening of her business was Feb. 12. She will continue to serve coffee on Wednesdays and Fridays during sixth period. Teachers can order drinks by filling out a Google Form online or fill out a paper form in the teacher’s lounge. Taylor’s menu includes Donut Shop regular or decaf coffee, mocha lattes, hot chocolate, and peace ice tea. She also offers creamer and toppings such as sugar-free French vanilla, caramel macchiato, hazelnut, and whipped cream.

   Taylor has enjoyed this educational project and will continue to learn and improve her skills.