You might want to serve on Planning Board

   Advertisements for the Planning Board vacancies have been published off and on in the Fallon County  Times in the past and perhaps community members have noticed, but aren’t quite sure what the Planning Board is all about.

Submitted by Mary Grube, Planner Administrative Assistant

The Fallon County Planning Board is a county planning board with representation from the Town of Plevna, City of Baker, Little Beaver Conservation District, and the County of Fallon. This Board has a total of nine members. The role of the Planning Board, according to MCA 76-1-106, is to ensure the promotion of public health, safety, morals, convenience, or order of the general welfare and for the sake of efficiency and economy in the process of community development. If the governing body should request a growth policy or an update to the growth policy, the Planning Board shall prepare the growth policy and serve in an advisory capacity to the local governing bodies. The Planning Board may also propose policies for subdivision plats, the development of public ways, public places, public structures, and public and private utilities.

   The Planning Board is responsible for mitigating preliminary subdivision applications and for making recommendations to the governing body with conditions related to developing the subdivision that follow state statute and our local regulations. Serving on the Planning Board does not require any form of experience or educational requirements, but it will require the members to become aware of land use planning, legal duties and responsibilities as well as good ethics in dealing with governing bodies and planning staff. A typical board member is dedicated to serving the long-term interests of the community and has a desire to preserve and improve the community’s quality of life.

   Being effective, though, comes from being well informed. Planning staff will work with the Planning Board and inform them through staff reports, state statutes and local regulations. Currently, the city and county contract with Forrest Sanderson of Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, as Planner. I serve as the administrative assistant in the Planning Department, and part of my duties is to gather all information and make sure it gets to board members for them to make informed decisions.

   If you are interested in serving, we have two vacancies at this time on the Planning Board – a vacancy for a citizen who lives in the City of Baker and one for a citizen who lives in the Town of Plevna. The Fallon County Planning Board typically meets the first Monday of each month. Please call me anytime with any questions you might have regarding this board or any other planning matters at 406-778-8111, and I will be happy to answer them for you.