Miss Montana visit

   February 4, Miss Montana 2015 visited Plevna School to share a message with students and teachers.

By Nicole Allerdings

Miss Montana portraying a message about confidence using volunteers from the audience.
Miss Montana portraying a message about confidence using volunteers from the audience.

Danielle Wineman was crowned Miss Montana June 13, 2015, and since then she has visited 130 schools in Montana and spoke to 26,000 students on her Crown to Classroom tour. She shared that she is from Cut Bank, which is in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the world’s largest penguin – a 60 foot tall statue that welcomes visitors to the town.

   Danielle expressed her passion for acting, explaining that William Shakespeare is one of her favorite writers. She mentioned a line from his work “As You Like It”, that says “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. Danielle emphasized that each individual has a story, and that individuals are the stars of their own stories. She used her favorite fairy tale, Cinderella, to make a comparison to the roles we play in our own stories. In the story, Cinderella asks her fairy godmother for advice, treating here with kindness and respect. The fairy godmother is more than willing to help Cinderella. Danielle related the fairy godmother to teachers and other trusted adults who are players in each student’s story. The mice in the story are Cinderella’s positive helpers, just as friends play an uplifting role in our lives. Finally, Cinderella’s stepmother plays the villain in her story, telling Cinderella things that make her feel small and insignificant. Danielle shared that people can make us feel the same way and play the villain in our stories.

   She told the audience that they have a super power that can be used for good or evil – their words. She asked for volunteers from the audience who demonstrated who our confidence can be crushed by the villains in our stories, but stressed that supporting characters like friends can help us rebuild our self-esteem.

   To end her presentation, Danielle played the theme song of Pirates of the Caribbean on the piano. Miss Montana’s visit encouraged students to be the stars of their own stories and be a positive and supporting character in the stories of their peers.