Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor,

   Many of you have seen the red, white and blue DAV vehicles as you drive down the highway. The person driving the vehicle is a volunteer for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Montana (VA Montana). These volunteers drive Veterans, who have no other means of transportation, to and from VA approved appointments. We currently have no qualified drivers in the Baker area and we are recruiting volunteer drivers. The Veterans living in the Baker area are having a difficult time getting transportation to their appointments.

    DAV donates vehicles to VA Montana. There is a DAV Hospital Service Coordinator in Billings and a local area coordinator in Baker. When Veterans have a VA approved appointment scheduled, they contact the Hospital Service Coordinator to arrange transportation. There is no cost to the Veterans for the transportation.

   The process to become a volunteer is a completed application packet, a physical examination through the VA, background check, current Montana driver’s license, and proof of auto insurance.

   If you would like to help Montana’s Veterans by becoming a volunteer driver, please contact Terrie Casey, Chief – Voluntary Service, VA Montana, at 406-447-7345

   Terrie Casey

   Helena, MT

   (via email)