Fallon County Timely-Tips

FC Timely Tips

   You may find yourself single this Valentine’s day, either intentionally or because a relationship has recently ended. Here are some tips on how to enjoy Feb. 14.

By Sherry Vogel

   • Get together with friends for a fancy dinner and a movie. Invite other singles as they may enjoy going out, too.

   • Host a potluck get-together for singles in your home. Have a boxed candy or flower exchange.

   • Attend a “Valentine’s Day Sucks” party that many area pubs sponsor this time of year.

   • Pamper yourself with a spa treatment or enjoy getting your hair and nails done at a local salon.

   • Call a long term care facility to set up a visit with a resident who doesn’t get many visitors. Then go in and visit the resident to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

   • Bring entertainment to your work place – send yourself a single red rose with a card signed, “From Your Secret Admirer”. This will surely stir up speculation and fun.

   • Most importantly, if you are newly single this year due to a loss of a partner and having a rough day, admit this to family or friends so they can be there for you.

   Enjoy Valentine’s Day. Remember, it’s more than getting caught up in a commercialized holiday with a lot of hype about love being expressed with candy, cards, and flowers.