Baker City Council meeting

   Mayor Clayton Hornung called the regular meeting of the Baker City Council to order Feb. 3 in the Fallon County court room. All members of the Council and one member of the public were present. Business on the agenda was:

   • Sherry Vogel, member of the public, in regards to proposing a false facade (false store front) ordinance in effect on all future commercial and A-frame metal buildings constructed on Main Street.

   In addition, an ordinance to impose a time limit to begin reconstruction once a demolition permit is issued. Ensuring vacant lots don’t remain empty for years.

   Vogel concluded her presentation by sharing incentive programs other cities are offering to motivate commercial property owners to improve their Main Street investments. The Council asked Vogel to speak to commercial lot owners on Main Street and solicit their input on the matter.

   • A request was received from Mid-Rivers Communication to extend the cable and communications franchise. The Council will draw up a resolution draft to grant this proposal.

   In closing, the Council addressed issues concerning Treasure State Endowment Program Grants available only if Baker complies with target rates mandated by TCEP grant requirements.

   The City Council has an open door policy and the public is always welcome to attend.