That furry little weatherman

Illustration by Sherry Vogel
Illustration by Sherry Vogel

   It’s three days after Groundhog’s Day, and it might seem like a crowd of people in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania made a big ruckus about nothing. What did the groundhog, a cousin to our Montana prairie dog, forecast about the arrival of spring?

By Sherry Vogel

   He woke up from hibernation a little groggy and did not see his shadow, so that means spring will come early.

   While that may not be preposterous in Pennsylvania, it is in Montana. I hate to “bust your bubble” but the official first day of spring is seven weeks (46-48 days) after Groundhog Day, arriving March 21. If you visit with any old timer in this area, he will tell you that it isn’t unusual in Montana to actually be shoveling our sidewalks in mid-May.

   I think I’ll take my clue from our native prairie dog and hunker down. That is until global warming totally confuses me and I start running around in shorts and flip-flops in mid-February.