Country Pals 4-H

The Country Pals 4-H meeting was called to order by Taylyn Dukart Jan. 10, 2016 at Mastels’ house. Roll call was what was our favorite Christmas present?

Submitted by Colton Turbiville, reporter  

Treasurer’s report was given, followed by the secretary’s report which was read by Rilee Pettersen and the minutes were approved as read.

   Marvel reported it was decided upon at the last livestock committee meeting that the weight class for goats being anything under the weight of 50 pounds is considered a feeder class. Also, Marvel reported on the feeder stocker program. Steer calves will be feeder calves and the heifer calves will be in breeding classes under one year old.

   Rilee Pettersen did a report on the last cooking workshop Melissa Ploeger put on for levels two and three.

    Old business was then looked at. We needed to re-elect a president and vice president. Tannon Dukart made a motion to open nominations for president. Taylyn Dukart was nominated to be our new president. Terrell Koenig made a motion for nominations for president to cease. Tannon Dukart made a motion to open nominations for vice president. Shianne Beach seconded the motion. Rilee Pettersen nominated Mattie Mastel. Chance Follmer seconded the motion and nominations were closed.

   New business: It was reported that the People Partner Grants are due by mid-January.

   We went over going to the Black Hills Stock Show.

   Foods Festival will be February 1 if anyone is interested.

   The Livestock Committee meeting will be held Jan.13 in the courthouse basement; with the Council meeting being held Jan. 13 at 5:15 p.m.

   Fair Board is having a meeting for the High School Rodeo Finals Jan. 26 at 7:00. Hope and Bev agreed to go and get some information for the money making idea of cleaning the stalls.

   Tannon Dukart made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Chance Follmer seconded it.

   After the meeting, demonstrations were held as follows.

   Kane Olsen – Pellet Gun Parts and Safety; Rilee Pettersen – Funny Cake; Chance and Chase Follmer – How to make a rope; Austin Gaub – How to build a Lego rubber band car; Kaitlynn Gaub – How to clean a saddle; Jessica Stark – Four wheeler safety; Mattie Mastel – Club quiz.