Sampson ties for women’s league top score

   Rose Sampson of Baker has been bowling for four decades, of which 36 years has been at the Baker Bowling Center. Sampson, a spot bowler, accomplished her goal of scoring a 278 on Jan. 13, 2016. This score ties the current held Women’s High Score set by Esther Meidinger in 1974-75.

  The regular women’s league night started out like any other Wednesday night. Sampson approached the lane, released the ball and bowled a spare in the first frame. Her next release scored a strike, then another strike. She was surprised as she rolled her third consecutive strike. She remembers thinking, “Oh, OK”.

   No ‘turkey sandwich’ for Sampson. She was totally shocked as every ball she rolled registered a strike for the next six frames! When asked what she contributed her success to, she stated, “Pure luck is all I can say. It was my one good game out of three.”

   Sampson bowls on the Baker Club Women’s League.

   Congrats, Rose!