Names submitted for 16th Judicial District judgeship

The Judicial Nomination Commission has submitted the following names to the Governor for consideration for appointment to the vacant judicial seat in the 16th Judicial District (Carter, Custer, Fallon, Garfield, Powder River, Rosebud, and Treasure Counties).

   Wyatt Arthur Glade, Nickolas Clarke Murnion, and Kevin Ray Peterson.

   The Commission’s action follows the close of a 30 day public comment period. Before recommending the nominees to the Governor, Commission members interviewed the applicants. The Governor must fill the position within 30 days of receipt of the nominees from the Commission. The person appointed by the Governor is subject to election at the primary and general elections in 2016. The candidate elected in 2016 will serve until January 2019.

   Judicial Nomination Commission members are District Judge Richard Simonton of Glendive, Janice Bishop of Missoula, Karl Englund of Missoula, Elizabeth Halverson of Billings, Hal Harper of Helena, Lane Larson of Billings, and Nancy Zadick of Great Falls.