Baker AAU Wrestling Club


  January 17, the Baker AAU Wrestling Club traveled to Miles City for the first meet of the year with 37 kids. Competition was very good with over 300 kids participating in the tournament from 17 different teams. Results are as follows.


   Tyler Griffith, 2nd; Ryan Griffith, 4th; Leighton Alderman, 3rd; Colt Custer, 3rd; Maddox Moser, 3rd; Tatum Alderman, 3rd


   Silis Best, 2nd; Urijah Rogge, 5th; Cord Olsen, 4th; Kredance Uecker, 1st; Jayden Hastig, 1st; Roger Beach, 3rd


   Walter West, 4th; Chad Griffith, 6th; Nicholas Schallenberger, 2nd; Brendon Reetz, 2nd; Keely Heaton-Custer, 6th; Sheldon Johnson, 6th; Jarek Janz, 3rd; Aspen Alderman-Stitt, 4th.

River Emigh, 5th; Quinn Griffith, 3rd; Christopher Brawley, 2nd; Jackson Moser, 3rd; Kane Olsen, 2nd; Sincere Ely, 1st; Wyatt Hagadone-Rudicel, 2nd.


  Riley Davis, 1st; Bryten Martin, 6th; Payton Gaskins, 6th; Tarin DeGrand 3rd; Riley Williams, 6th; Jesse Brawley, 3rd; Guy Lesh, 2nd; Hawken Custer, 4th; Marcos Gallegos, 3rd.


   Avery Uecker, 1st