Files of the Times

Files of the times


  Friday, February 3, 2006— Four college students are finishing work to earn their degrees by student teaching in Baker schools. They are Michelle Smith who hails from Geraldine; Justin Haar – a Baker native; Jason Coulter from Broadus; and Alison Enos of Glendive. . . Lawler Drug Store was broken into some time Saturday night or early Sunday morning by way of a wooden back door. Police Chief Randy Ketterling said it appears the perpetrators were after prescription drugs. . . Temperature Jan. 25 was 60 degrees. . . Ernest and Louise Lang will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Feb. 3. . Baker Spartan wrestlers will compete in the divisional wrestling tournament Feb. 4 at Shepherd High School. . . Senior linebacker Kylan Klauzer of Dickinson State University  was selected to the second team NAIA All-

American Team and second team All-American National NAIA Football Team. Klauzer also received first team All-Conference honors and selected Most Valuable senior in the conference. Klauzer is a  Baker High School graduate. . Representative Rehberg and his state director Randy Vogel stopped in Baker Jan. 27. He met with WBI and MDU Resources Group Inc. employees. Rehberg is working to promote increased production of all types of energy so the country is less dependent on foreign oil.


  Friday, February 2, 1996-– Low temperature Jan. 29 was -39 degrees. . . The first annual After Christmas Party was held Jan. 26 to honor city, county and state employees. County employees receiving certificates were Russell Culver, Victoria Gonsioroski, Reinhard Barth, Dale Rath, Lawrence Schaefer, Faye Koenig, Jessie Neary, Ann Olsen, Della Brockel, Mary Lee Dietz, Arnold Duneman, Sr., Billy Singer, Marlene Ferrel, Robert Boggs, Richard Menger, Carol Wade, Shirley Feisthamel, Kathleen Schwindt, Edwina Stoddard, Jon Stevenson, Ellis Williams, Alice Kay Schweigert, Ralph Higgins, Jerry Kellner, Brenda

Wood, and Hilding Arnell. State: Betty Mueller and Doris Hastig. City employees: Russell Culver, Donald Hinman, David Hickey, Beverly Anderson, Warren Gaulke, Arnold  Duneman, Randy Ketterling, Rodney Kramlick and Roddy Rost. . . Ernest and Louise Lang will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Feb. 3. .  Eighth grade Baker FFA Chapter member Alexiss Pinnow was the lucky winner of a Maine-Anjou heifer awarded by Mr. and Mrs. J. Robert Rusley.


Thursday, January 30, 1986- A few more candidates have filed for local offices and this week include: County Commissioner – Ronald Shepherd, J. Robert Rusley, Robert Irvine, Rodger Myhre, John Tronstad, Henry Logar; County Treasurer – Brenda Fradenburgh; Clerk and Recorder – Mary Lee Dietz, incumbent, Vera Kruger; Supt. of Schools – Marlene Ferrel, incumbent; Justice of Peace – Charles O. Larson; Public Administrator – Russell Culver, incumbent. All offices with the exception of Clerk of Court will have an election this year. . . . Jake, a purebred German Shepherd, is the newest member of the Baker Police Department. Purchased at the age of six months, he has undergone extensive training since his acquisition. Lt. Bruce Dahlman has worked with an officer of the Glendive Police Department in Jake’s training sessions. . . Mary Gappa will celebrate her 80th birthday Feb. 1. . . 1984 Mercury Grand Marquis is selling for $8,900 at Quenzer Ford. A 1985 Lincoln Town Car is now $16,300. . . Mary Ketchum of Plevna has been named to eighth place on the Northern Rodeo Assoc. Ladies Barrel Racing Circuit with her total earnings during competition.


Thursday, January 29, 1976– Taken from the Spokesman Review Jan. 24 issue in Spokane, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burkle became the first husband and wife to have open heart surgery on the same day at Sacred Heart Hospital. Monday they will celebrate two things: their 29th wedding anniversary and going home to Baker. . . Loretta Hodous has assumed the duties of Fallon County Appraiser, replacing Klayton Rogge and will be in charge of the re-valuation of homes and property in the county. . . Baker Jaycees wrapped up their observance of National Jaycee Week with their annual boss night at which time the Jaycees honor their bosses with a banquet. Lee Stevenson was chosen Boss of the Year. . . An accident occurred Jan. 27 when Glen Householder of Plevna pulled out from an approach, colliding with Lloyd Ehret of Plevna.


Thursday, February 3, 1966– City Council passed Resolution No. 271 to construct a  new sewer lagoon at their regular meeting Feb. 1. The lagoon will be located near the present one. . . Jack Lawler was elected to serve on the board of directors of the Montana Retail Assoc. for the year 1966. . . Mrs. Glen Kusler told members of the Woman’s Club at the home of Mrs. Stanley Erlenbush about the changes she found in her native Korea when she returned in 1965 after being away for ten years. . . Rainbow officers were installed at the Masonic Temple Jan. 26 with Robin

Roth the new Worthy Matron. . . . This week at Reynolds Supermarket the sale price for ham was 69 cents a pound and bacon sold for 69 cents a pound, also.


Thursday, February 2, 1956– With temperatures hovering to a chilly 24 below zero at times this week, it was no surprise when a water main break occurred near the Ben Franklin Store. . . Ted Bennett and family have moved to Baker from  Miles City where Mr. Bennett has assumed managership of Hatch Motor and Equipment. Russell Coldwell and Thurlow Cooper purchased the Carter Service Center run by L. Moline and son and took over active management Feb. 1.


Thursday, January 31, 1946- Baker Rifle Club reorganized this week. Officers are Firman Loveless, president, and Eddie Nelson, sec.-treas. . . Ervin (Red) Keirle arrived Sunday from Bremerton, Wash. He has been discharged from the Navy after two years of service spent mostly in Guam. Corp. Lew Price arrived Wednesday morning from Camp Robinson on a ten day furlough. . . Another business place has been added to Baker.

This is Bert’s Repair Shop and is the first place as you enter Baker from the east on Highway 12. . . Baker of Baker and Askin of Miles City bring in gas on the 101 structure.


Thursday, January 30, 1936– Good, hard winter weather has been with us all week. The unlucky truck driver who froze two fingers seriously Wednesday is only one of the many who suffered from the cold. . . A report from Lame Jones says that farmers in the south country are snowbound. They are taking turns coming to town for their supplies. . . The Times columnist says, “An old fashioned winter did you say? It’s not only horses and sleds, but skis.” Al Halvorsen found himself marooned at Ollie this week but by skiing eleven miles, he found he could go places.


Thursday, February 4, 1926– H.S. Proctor was appointed first ward alderman at the council meeting Tuesday night to fill the vacancy caused by the advancement of Emil Ravey to mayor. . . Just when we begin to think that making moonshine has gone out of date, our sheriff hunts around and finds another still. Last Thursday Sheriff Burrell and Undersheriff Frankland sniffed the air and followed the scent to 14 miles south of Plevna where they unearthed a ten gallon still and some mash. The operator, however, was absent and still at large