Extension Winter Ag Series program held

   Kate Fuller, MSU Extension Ag Econ Specialist, discussing the important information needed in lease agreements.
Kate Fuller, MSU Extension Ag Econ Specialist, discussing the important information needed in lease agreements.

   The Extension Winter Ag Series program was a cooperative effort between the region’s County Extension offices.

Submitted by Elin Kittelmann Extension Agent

Each year a series of lectures are presented in each of the southeast Montana counties providing timely information of interest to our rural population. This year we developed a diverse program bringing in MSU Extension Agriculture Economists and a Pesticide Education Specialist.

Fallon/Carter Extension Agent Elin Kittelmann discussed the basics of energy and protein for cattle and the factors that affect nutrient. Elin also stressed the importance of water quality when evaluating an operation’s nutrition program. By paying more attention to what we are feeding cattle, producers can more efficiently utilize resources and therefore improve profitability and productivity.

   MSU Agricultural Economics Extension Extension Specialist Kate Fuller presented available data, resources and tools useful for both landowners and land tenants when establishing and re-negotiating leases. The focus of the presentation was on pasture leases, but many of the ideas discussed could be utilized in other leases.

   Joel Schumacher, MSU Extension Agricultural Economics Department, presented information on strategies to successfully make the transfer of a farm and/or ranch business to a family member. Joel discussed the Family/Business System, transfer processes, legal concerns, risks, and dividing management responsibilities among family members. Real life examples were utilized to assist in developing an understanding of the process.

   Cecil Tharp finished the program with an informative presentation on managing alfalfa weevil while reducing impacts towards beneficial arthropods. By using certain strategies producers can minimize chemical applications while maximizing benefits from pest natural enemies. The identification of alfalfa weevil, common natural enemies, and a review of multiple control tactics were discussed.

   The Winter Ag Series was held in Ekalaka Jam. 12 and in Baker Jan. 13. For handouts and information on the topis discussed, contact the Fallon/Carter Extension Office at 406-778-7110.

   The program was well attended and was co-hosted with Fallon/Carter County Extension, Carter County Conservation District, and the Bank of Baker. If you are interested in more information on the program or have follow-up questions for any of the speakers, please call your Fallon/Carter County Extension Office.