4-H Cooking Workshops

   Nine Fallon County 4-H members, enrolled in a Foods & Nutrition Project, gathered for a Beginners 4-H Cooking Workshop.

Submitted by Elin Kittelmann, County Agent

This Cooking Workshop was held Dec. 12 at the Fairgrounds exhibit hall. The workshop was led by 4-H leaders Melissa Ploeger, Sheila O’Connor, and County Extension Agent Elin Kittelmann. All of the participating youth and leaders agreed the workshop was a huge success.

   Youth with dishes they prepared at the 4-H  Beginner Cooking Workshop.
Youth with dishes they prepared at the 4-H Beginner Cooking Workshop.

   The day begin with a lesson on correct grooming and the choice of clothes when preparing food. Proper hand washing  techniques were discussed and practiced by all. Next on the agenda was a lesson on the correct method to measure dry and liquid ingredients. The youth learned which measuring cup to use for various ingredients and the proper way to measure dry ingredients as they prepared homemade hot cocoa mix. The youth learned a wide variety of other skills including making hard boiled eggs and slicing and dicing vegetables safely. The 4-H members set a wonderful table and sat down to a very satisfying and good tasting lunch made up of the dishes they had prepared during the workshop. The menu included deviled eggs, fruit and cheese kabobs, quick veggie pizza, chili, and peanut butter mice for dessert.

   A more advanced 4-H Cooking Workshop was held Jan. 8 for youth enrolled in Levels 2 and 3 Foods & Nutrition Project. The workshop was led by cooking leader Melissa Ploeger. There were three youth who attended the class and it was another huge success. The youth learned more advanced cooking and baking skills including making yeast breads and cooking with seafood. Youth spent four hours cooking and baking and were able to enjoy their dishes for lunch. The menu included sweet dough, cinnamon twist, Swedish tea ring, nut bread, white cake with cream cheese frosting, spinach strawberry salad with poppy seed dressing, alfredo sauce with shrimp, fruit and cheese ball, and orange smoothies.

   Contact your Fallon/Carter Extension Office for more information on this Cooking Workshop and/or the Fallon County 4-H Program. It is not too late to still enroll in 4-H for the 2015-16 4-H year.