Second annual Coyote Calling Contest

(l-r)First place winners were Will Ecord and Joe Teini.
(l-r)First place winners were Will Ecord and Joe Teini.

   Thirty-seven teams came out to compete in the second annual Southeastern Montana Coyote Calling Contest held Jan. 8-9.

By Sherry Vogel

Although it was a cold day, a total of 43 coyotes were brought in compared to the 28 that were hunted last year.

   First place team was Will Ecord and Joe Teini, bringing in five coyotes. Second place team was Matt Napton, Jason Bechtold and Justin Bechtold with four coyotes. Third place team was Jason Haar and Chad Varner with three coyotes. Fourth place went to Chandler Braaten, Sheldon Domagala and Kruz Robinson with three coyotes. Third and fourth place finishers were determined by total weight of the coyotes brought in.

   The big dog competition was awarded to Michael Lynn and Zach Kadrmas.

   Three guns were given away as door prizes. The lucky winners were Cody Heiser, Tom Leischner and Travis Krischik. Two guns raffled were won by Curtis Heiser and C.J. Truesdale.

   Two Yeti coolers were won by Mark Thielen and Larry Steffes.

   Three landowner gift certificates were given to Donald and Laurie MacKay, Gene and Rita Nemitz, and Larry and Peggy Niemerg.

   The raffle for a $1,000 store certificate to Ace Hardware was won by Justin LaCroix.

   The local hunt was organized by Trevor Nelson and Dustin Varner with volunteer help from Lexi Miller and Selena Nelson. It would not be possible without the outstanding support from local businesses, farmers and ranchers.