Montana Farm Bureau News

   The Montana Farm Bureau is applauding the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for rejecting petitions to the White House for mandatory labeling of GMOs.

   “Farmers and ranchers have been producing genetically enhanced food for more than two decades without sacrificing nutrition of food quality,” said MFBF President Bob Hanson. “Using GMO crops allows farmers to grow food with less input, which is a plus for the environment. The fact the nation’s leading authority on food safety recognizes this is rewarding. We’re pleased to see this administration recognizes how biotechnology is changing the way we grow food – for the better. Consumers have the right to know what’s in their food, but they need scientific facts.”

   American Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman noted, “We have recently learned that the FDA has placed its stamp of approval on a genetically engineered animal product, AquAdvantage Salmon. This week’s announcement is a milestone for expanding farmers’ and ranchers’ ability to produce nutritious food critical to a healthy diet.”

   “Thanks to these decisions, consumers will continue to benefit from access to a variety of nutritious foods in the marketplace. New voluntary guidance on labeling from the FDA will help companies provide more helpful information for those consumers looking to make the best choices for their families,” Stallman concluded.