First Large Force Exercise scheduled

   Ellsworth Air Force Base, S.D. – The first Large Force Exercise of military aircraft has been scheduled for Dec. 2-3 in the newly opened Powder River Training Complex.

   During this period, people living under the Powder River 2, PR 3, and Gap B military operating areas can expect to see multiple types of aircraft utilizing these areas simultaneously. During the scheduled times for the exercise, non-military aircraft should thoroughly review the Federal Aviation Administration’s Notice to Airmen, or NOTAMS, and review flight plans to avoid these areas and altitudes.

   This exercise is designed to train aircrew under realistic scenarios that support full spectrum operations against modern threats and replicate today’s contingency operations. This type of training is limited to ten days each year, with each exercise lasting no more than three days, and only occur once every three months.

   The new PRTC officially opened Sept. 17 under its charting by the FAA, and military flying operations began Sept. 18. This will be the first LFE for the PRTC and this news release serves as the official public notification for the event.

   For more information on the PRTC, visit: Those interested in PRTC scheduling information should visit:

   As a reminder, aviators intending to fly in the PRTC are always encouraged to check official NOTAMS prior to flight. This can be done by calling 1-800-WXBRIEF, or visiting online at: and