Chamber hosts annual Teacher Appreciation dinner

Teachers dinner


Guest speaker, Don Schillinger
Guest speaker, Don Schillinger

    The Baker Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture hosted the annual Teacher Appreciation Dinner Nov. 18 at the Fallon County Fairgrounds exhibit hall for Baker and Plevna teachers.

   Superintendent Don Schillinger was the guest speaker for the evening. Mr. Schillinger has been the Superintendent of the Baker Public Schools for the past nine years. He was formerly the Spartan football coach for 29 years while serving as vice principal/AD for eight years and principal/AD 16 years.

   The delicious meal was catered by Lady J’s Catering – Travis and Marley Zachmann.

  Baker teachers and years (combined for 737 years) are  Michelle Anderson 9, Scott Anderson 10, Lindsay Barrett-Chaska 35, Lynn Beach 3, Pamela Beach 35, Carole Bettenhausen 36, Thomas Breitbach first year, Nicki Brewer 1, Jessica Boggs 1.

   Lisa Burdick 20, Andrea Chapman 4, Patricia Chester 32, Terry Curry 36, LaDonna Friemark 43, Greg Gunderson 4, Marde Guyer first year, Carol Hadley 21, Brenda Hansen 34, Maranda Hastig 5, JoDee Hess first year.

   Brittany Hoversland 2, Jay Hoversland 9, Val Johnson 9, Thomas Kendall 39, Dena Kirschten 6, Kim Lesh 6, Kallie Madler first year, Brenda McPhee 43, Jade Melby 22, Patricia Morris 33, Jill Myhre 6, John Nowak 3, JoAnn Parini 33, Sid Parini 33, Cynthia Quade 11.

   Tim Robinson 23, Linda Rost 1, Janice Rustad 36, BreeAnn Schell 3, Jill Shelhamer first year, Shawna Schillinger 16, Jay Shumaker 13, Kelsey Stewart first year, Diane VanGorden 34, Deryk VanZee 2, Vicki Volz  first year, Karen Wang first year, Jualine Wedemeyer 6, Jill Whiteman 19.

  Plevna teachers and years (combined for 160) are Jean Brenner – 12, Penny Benner 23, Leann Bidwell 7, Terry Bruha 28, Nicole Buerkle 3, Shayna Isaacs 1, Janae Coon first year, Neal Coon first year, Travis Isaacs 2.

   Bertha Kirschten first year, Breanna Parks first year, Penny Sparks 3, Jan Stickney 44, Karen Stockett 13, Amanda Tunby 24, Aaron Wolters first year.