Who Gets the Thanks . . .


  Reflecting back as a boy growing up in Portage, Michigan, I can recall many great memories of Thanksgiving.

By Pastor Joel Noel – Emmanuel Evangelical Free Church

I can still distinctly remember our Thanksgiving drives that would take us 20 miles out in the country to our grandparents’ house. Looking out the window of the minivan, seeing the last of the leaves fall to the ground and, of course, watching for deer along the way, life was good. We would always get together at Grandma Betty’s. The tables were lined up in the garage where the spread of food was organized and the sounds of family filled the room. The family feuds were at a minimum, most of the conversations were filled with laughter, and, of course, all other cousins found some mischief.

   As the years come and go, the realities of Thanksgiving grow much deeper. Somewhere along the way we have to face the question, who really gets the “thanks” behind the Thanksgiving? Family, food, and fun times are all important. However, if that is all there is to Thanksgiving and we leave out the “who”, we miss the big picture.

   We all asked someone the question, “What are you doing for Thanksgiving?” But, now it is asked, “Who are you thanking this Thanksgiving?” Don’t leave God out of your Thanksgiving.

   Romans 1:21 says, “For although they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks to Him.”

   Friends, Thanksgiving began as a time of recognizing provisions. God provided a salvation from sin for all mankind, through Jesus. Jesus’ death on the cross was God’s way of loving us into His family. And for all who believe, your greatest Thanksgiving feast is still to come! Honor Him as God and give Him thanks!