Speech and drama season starts

   November 7, the Baker speech and drama team traveled to Shepherd to compete against numerous Class A and B schools. In serious duo we had two very talented duos. Olivia Mahon and Devon Solberg took first and Megan Greiff and Anna Espeland took second.

   In memorized public address (MPA), Taiken Goerndt took fifth place. The team took first place overall in the drama sweeps, ending the day on a good note.

   November 14, the speech and drama team traveled to Sidney to compete. In serious duo, Olivia Mahon and Devon Solberg placed first, Anna Espeland and Megan Greiff took second, Savannah Davis and Moriah Kesinger placed sixth.

   In MPA, McKenzy Shipstead took third and Taiken Goerndt fifth.

   In LD Debate, Emalee Thurlow placed fourth and Taylyn Dukart fifth.

   In extempt, Tannon Dukart – fourth.

   The team will travel to Miles City next weekend. Don’t forget to wish them luck!