Sikorski chosen for Mary Donohue Award

Wade Sikorski 1    Wade Sikorski, area farmer/rancher south of Baker, was awarded the Mary Donohue Tell It Like It Is Award by the Northern Plains Resource Council at their 44th annual convention Nov. 14 in Billings.

By Sherry Vogel  

This award recognizes a council member who, in the past year, wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Sikorski has been a tireless advocate for Northern Plains for many years. He regularly travels from his farm all the way to Helena to speak to legislators on behalf of Northern Plains.

   Kate French, newly elected council chair, stated, “I have noticed whenever Wade is brought up everyone seems to have their own story about Wade fearlessly approaching a distracted legislator to explain his concerns in a respectful and convincing manner. His energy and conviction are evident – and it’s inspiring to anyone around him.”

    Sikorski is not afraid to go before a hostile crowd, such as one at a meeting in Colstrip and speak his mind about what the burning of fossil fuels, especially coal, is doing to our environment. Sikorski walks the walk. He recently installed solar panels at his farm, keeps up with the latest research, and has written his own self-published book about climate change.

   Northern Plains membership views Sikorski as a forward thinking person. He is at the forefront of many issues and isn’t shy about speaking the truth. Longtime members and staffers alike have been impressed and inspired by his steadfast commitment and long-range vision.