Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market coming to Southeast Montana

Submitted by Elin Kittelmann

Fallon/Carter County Extension

   Fallon/Carter Extension along with other organizations are taking a leading role in organizing a Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market for Baker. We are excited about the opportunities and feel there is the interest for such an event.

   The vision for this event is to establish and support activities that create a sense of community, social gathering, and foster economic growth in the local community. Southeast Montana Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market will create an opportunity to strengthen the local economy and encourage healthy lifestyles, to increase knowledge of agriculture, and inspire small business owners to market local products and talents. The long-term goal of this project will be to create an annual Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market held in Baker that is run by volunteers and is supported by the community.

   The market will focus on locally made and locally produced vendors. Farmers and crafters are welcome to be vendors. It will also be open to local residents and organizations that have a service or talent to share. We want to grow a sense of community and give opportunities to locals who have goods to share.

   In addition to the Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market, we will be putting on an education series through the winter and spring/summer. We will be offering  a Level I Master Gardener program as well as some business classes to aid vendors in a successful market.

   Farmers’ markets have been successful throughout Montana. There are currently about 61 different farmers markets in Montana, anywhere from two vendor markets to markets that occur throughout the summer with numerous vendors. The only market in southeastern Montana is held in Miles City. With the number of growers, gardeners, crafters, and local small businesses there is great opportunity to host a successful market in Baker.

   Would you be interested in being a vendor? Do you have suggestions for the market? Would you like to volunteer to be a part of the planning and operations of the market? Input and ideas from the community are greatly appreciated. Contact the Fallon/Carter Extension Office at 406-778-7110 or Elin at: