The Legend of the Blue Bonnet

 Blue Bonnet

 Mrs. Benner’s third grade class read a book called The Legend of the Blue Bonnet. It was about a girl whose family died in a drought in Texas, and her only possession to remember them by was a doll given to her.

By Jessica Stockett

In order to receive rain, someone from the Comanche tribe must burn their most valuable possession. Because none of the other tribe members would burn anything, this little girl burned the doll. The morning after the sacrifice, blue bonnets sprouted where the fire had been and rain came. Now in the spring, the first flower to sprout in Texas is the blue bonnet, which also happens to be the state flower.

   The third graders’ project now is to create dolls to replicate the one in their story. They are using fabric to create the bodies, and then decorating the dolls with  hair and clothes. Once the dolls are completed, they will be put on display.