Fourth grade bridges


   Mrs. Isaacs’ fourth grade has been learning how to design and build bridges that are able to hold heavy loads.

By Dylan Sander

Bridges have to withstand the weight of trucks, cars and people without falling. The fourth graders mustered up their engineering skills and built popsicle stick bridges. Their bridges were put to the test by supporting as many weights as possible.

   Tylee Rieger’s bridge held 0.7 lb., Cooper O’Connor’s bridge held 2.2 lbs., Brandon Breihahn-Gracia’s bridge – 2.61 lbs., Whitney Thielen’s bridge – 3.1 lbs., Noah Arnold’s bridge – 3.1 lbs., Wyatt Thielen’s bridge – 7.7 lbs., and last, but not least, Carson Sander’s bridge held 11.8 lbs. These are the architects of the future.

   Good job, fourth grade on your bridge building techniques.