SCL Health supports Medicaid waiver signing

   SCL Health, which includes Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City, St. James Healthcare in Butte, and St. Vincent Healthcare in Billings is pleased that the Medicaid Expansion Waiver has been signed and applauds Governor Bullock for his efforts in helping to expand Medicaid coverage and continuing to strive to make Montana a healthier state. As a result of this waiver, the statewide HELP Program will expand access to health coverage for over 70,000 new adults with incomes up to 138 percent of the federal poverty level (approximately $16,000 a year for one person or $33,000 for a family of four).

   The goals of the HELP Program are to:

   • Increase the availability of high quality health care to Montanans;

   • Provide greater value for the tax dollars spent on the Montana Medicaid Program;

   • Reduce health care costs;

   • Provide incentives that encourage Montanans to take greater responsibility for their personal health;

   • Reduce the costs of uncompensated care and the resulting cost-shifting to patients with health insurance.

   More information about the program can be found at the state website: