REACH Program

   October 23, 2015, Jessica Paul attended the Research and Explore Awesome Careers in Healthcare (REACH) Program.

By Jessica Paul

She had to fill out paperwork and answer questions and was chosen to participate in the program. The event was held at Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City. The group started off learning about health careers and how important they are due to the decreasing amount of health care workers and increasing number of health care recipients. When the opening class was completed, they split into groups of two and visited different stations on various topics.

Jessica blood typing her partner while taking in information from an RN.
Jessica blood typing her partner while taking in information from an RN.

   Jessica’s first stop was dietician where they discussed good sugars and bad sugars. She then moved onto the respiratory therapist and learned how to hook a person up to the breathing machines. Her third station was to visit the ER and learn how to intubate a mannequin that was suffering from an anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter. Next, she visited with a dental hygienist about the importance of a healthy mouth and gums. In the radiology lab, Jessica was shown a MRI, CT, ultrasound and mammogram machines.

After these stops, they visited with an anesthesiologist who showed

them how they give an epidural, as well as how they “put people under” before surgery. The final stop was with the nurses where they learned about the schooling involved to become a nurse as well as the different areas and levels in which nurses can choose to work. In the nurse stations they used kits to blood type themselves, which was very fun.

   Jessica plans to go into pediatrics. The participants had a great opportunity to see the many career options in the health care field of medicine.