City of Baker awarded Planning Grant

   The Montana Department of Commerce has awarded the City of Baker a Community Development Grant (CDBG) for $22,500.

By Sherry Vogel

It is to be used for the purpose of rehabbing downtown Baker. The grant, which belongs to the city, will be administered by Eastern Montana Economic Development Authority (SMART office) under the direction of Mona Madler, EMEDA Director. Grant monies will be used to restore damaged and deteriorated public infrastructure to achieve the goal of revitalizing and promoting a successful downtown business district.

   Madler, who has been working diligently on urban renewal since 2011 when she first began hosting Vision Meetings to gather the public’s input stated, “Improved public infrastructure in a community is a proven asset in recruiting new businesses and retaining current businesses.

Enhancing the downtown core of Baker is essential to the livability and vitality of our city.”