Plevna Kindergarten class explores careers . . .

Kindergarten Class

   During the past month, the kindergarten class has been learning about a variety of future career possibilities.

By Nicole Allerdings

They have been able to hear from an EMT, police officer, carpenter, pastor, volunteer firefighters, postmaster, rancher, and a nurse.

   Oct. 20, the kindergarten students shared their career goals with their classmates. Each student was dressed up for a certain job and stood in front of the class to tell what they wanted to be and why. They also answered any question their classmates had about their chosen job. Dina Beyers and Devyn Schwartz want to be nurses because they want to help people when they

are sick. Colton Lane, Jackson Robertus, and Blaine Buerkle aspire to be ranchers so they can “chase cows” and help their parents and grandparents. Jacob Tutus wants to be a “digger man” and use a front-end loader. Michael Puskas has a goal of being a secret agent so he can keep people safe by spying on criminals. Emma Thielen dressed up as a “crazy cat lady” because she wants to have “100,000 cats” and make them happy by feeding and taking care of them.

   The students enjoyed learning about future career options and sharing their plans with the class.