Sports Boosters first “Colorpalooza”

   What a wonderful sight to behold!

By Sherry Vogel

Two hundred eleven children all dressed in matching white T-shirts, accessorized in a kaleidoscope of bright colors, glided down First Street at a fast and steady pace. They were following colorful signs posted on the street corners to show them the way. It left the bystander to wonder if the children were uncertain what they would find at the end of the trail.

   It was the Baker Spartan Sports Boosters first ever “Colorpalooza” race. This fundraiser was in conjunction with BHS homecoming week. The race was open to all ages 5-105. The race began at the BHS parking lot and ended at the Youth Center on the corner of Montana Avenue and First Street.

   Students K-6 grades led the race which began at 3:30 p.m. They were closely followed by adults, many of them pushing strollers. Trophies were not the children’s goal, but instead something much more fun … a “color burst”. At the finish line, participants were rewarded a packet of colored pixie dust.When the signal was given, it was tossed into the air “sparkling” all those within range a “colorpalooza”.