Plevna students receive Chromebooks

    Plevna School has invested in Google Chromebooks for each of the students in grades 5-12 this school year.

By Dylan Sander

The Chromebooks are a useful asset for every student and will help make learning exciting and much easier in the classroom. The students are very grateful and eager to use the Chromebooks.

   Teachers are using Google Classroom to assign work. Google Classroom enables teachers to post work which the students complete and then submit easily, when completed, to the teacher. The teacher can then grade and provide feedback on the documents submitted. Mr. Coon, the science teacher, posts PowerPoints using Google Classroom so students may study and review information presented in class.

   When interviewed, most of the student body felt the Chromebooks are a good use of technology, as well as an infinite source of knowledge. Some comments reflected: they are good for note-taking, are very portable as well as convenient. The Chromebooks were used to do the Map Testing this year and allowed for easy access to the test sites.

   Students pick up their Chromebooks every morning in first period class and take them to each of their classes during the school day. At the end of the last period, they return the Chromebooks to their charging posts in their first period classroom. Moving to The Cloud is a new experience, but information is now accessible at anytime and anywhere internet is available.