FMC remodel on schedule

   The building contractors who are remodeling the basement of Fallon Medical Complex’s Long Term Care wing are substantially on schedule to complete the work by mid to late December.

Submitted by David Espeland, CEO

Jackson Contractor Group won a competitive bid in February 2015 to provide both interior and exterior demolition and reconstruction starting in early April.

   The construction was undertaken to prevent further damage to the existing Long Term Care structure due to Baker’s shifting clay soils. The project included tearing out the existing basement floor, replacing damaged sewer pipes and water lines, re-pouring a new concrete floor, and remodeling the space for more efficient use by FMC.

   The project also included extensive site work which is meant to direct all surface water to a central trench drain that runs the full length of the building. All paved surfaces and roof gutters will drain into this trench, preventing moisture from soaking into the soil and getting below the building’s footing. To be sure that water will no longer be a problem, most of the foundation wall was covered with a waterproof membrane and an interior drain field and sump pit were installed under the new basement floor.

   In order to facilitate the replacement of the basement floor, the housekeeping department had to relocate to a temporary room for six months. The laundry department also had to move to a new location in order to repair the floor in their existing space. However, this move allowed the building architect and engineer to increase the operating efficiency of that department by changing the work flow. It also allowed

FMC to make a number of energy saving changes and building code upgrades.

   Phase One of the work, which is just now being completed, included the building of the new housekeeping and laundry departments. Phase Two will involve remodeling the other rooms, which will be largely dedicated to patient records and equipment storage. Meanwhile, the concrete subcontractor is working diligently to beat the weather, having overcome many difficulties the past couple of months due to substantial rain storms.

   This remodel project is being substantially funded by the public mill levy money that is allocated to FMC specifically for capital improvements to the community’s health care facility. Fallon County voters approved the special mill levy for another two years on May 5, 2015. In all, the mill levy has provided funding for significant capital projects at FMC since 2005. The Long Term Care basement is the final floor to be replaced in the medical complex. It is expected that these improvements will keep the buildings in excellent operating condition for many decades.