Fallon County 4-H Fall Livestock Judging Contest

Livestock Judge 2015


The Fallon County 4-H Fall Livestock Judging Contest was held Sept. 27, 2015 in the Fallon County indoor livestock arena. Twenty-three youth judged seven different animal classes and gave three sets of reasons.

   Caleb Ploeger was the top senior 4-H judger. Other senior livestock judgers were Jolyn Rost, Chase Huelle, Bo Rost, Taylyn Dukart, Tannon Dukart, and Rachael Lowery.

   Anika Ploeger was the top junior 4-H judger. Other junior judgers were Colton Turbiville, Zoie Rost, Chloe Tudor, Mattie Mastel, Sidny Scherman, Donnie Steen, Cole Rost, and Jenna Paul.

   Logan Scherman was the top 4-H Novice judger. Other notice judgers were Jaeda Paul, Tucker Turbiville, Jessica Stark, Clay Rost, and Kinch Rost..

   Jessica Paul was the top FFA judger. The official judge was Beth Enos. This Fall Livestock Judging was hosted by the Country Cousins 4-H Club.