Commissioners Proceedings

Monday, August 10, 2015


PRESENT William L. Randash, Chairman; Steve Baldwin, Deb Ranum, members; Lani DeBuhr, Clerk 8:55am- Dave Havens, member of the public, joined the meeting.



  The Commission reviewed and Commissioner Randash, as Chairman, signed a Building Demolition Agreement with the City of Baker dated August 5th, 2015 agreeing to refund 50% of the tipping fees for the demolition of a burned house owned by Casey and Jodie O’Donnell.


Montana Department of Transportation, Road St Aid, Fuel Tax Rmb- $4,131.21


  MGC Consultants – The Commission received a letter dated August 6th, 2015 from MGC Consultants regarding the Beach 2 Opencut Mine Operation that Wyrick Construction is doing and invited them to submit written comments about project if desired.

  Disaster and Emergency Services (DES) – The Commission reviewed and Commissioner Randash, as Chairman, signed a letter dated August 10th, 2015 to Kent Atwood, Grants Bureau Chief of MT DES, notifying him of the project funding match Fallon County is liable for in accepting the FFY2015-16 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) EMW-2015-EP-00004.

  Sanitarian- Rich Menger, Sanitarian, gave the Commission a copy of a letter, dated August 11, 2015, he sent to landowners addressing unsanitary sewage release and the action needed to remedy the issue.

DEPARTMENT MINUTES/AGENDAS/REPORTS/NOTICES – The Commission reviewed minutes, agendas, reports and notices submitted to them from department heads.

  EMAILS- The Commission reviewed the emails sent to them from state agencies and other entities that required no action, discussion or decision.

  COUNTY FLEET PICKUP- The Commission pulled the white Chevy pickup out of the county fleet and assigned it to the Commission, for their use only. This was done to ensure a vehicle is available to them at all times.

  9:30AM COUNTY & CITY IT SERVICES DISCUSSION/Andy Fujimori, IT Tech; Julie Straub, Human Resource Manager; Clayton Hornung, City of Baker Mayor

  Don Dilworth, previous IT Tech, and Andy Fujimori, the new IT Tech, discussed how the City of Baker is to pay Andy for his services as he is a County employee.

10:00 AM ROAD UPDATES/Alba Higgins, Shop Foreman; Bobby Wiedmer, Road Foreman; Shannon Hewson, Brosz Engineering

  The Commission and Alba Higgins discussed the equipment and vehicles that have been repaired or are currently being worked on by Alba and Mitch Overn.

  Keirle Road- The Commission asked Bobby Wiedmer, Road Foreman, if someone at the City talked to him before putting in the new culvert on Keirle Road. The Commission said Wyrick Construction installed the culvert and wanted to know if Clayton Hornung, City of Baker Mayor, talked to him before having Wyrick Construction do the work. Bobby said Clayton asked if there was a culvert at the shop they could use and Bobby said yes but he didn’t realize they weren’t going to set it themselves.

  Gazebo Parking Lot- Bobby said his crew is going to start digging out the Gazebo parking lot to repair it in the next week or two.

  Auction Item- Chuck Lee, DES/911 Director, and Alba discussed getting the Army 6×6 truck from the Plevna Rural Fire District to the County Auction.

  Community Service Pickup- Tim Grube’s, Sheriff’s Deputy, crew cab pickup will go to Community Service when he gets his new pickup.

  County Shop Roof- Griffith Steel is working on the overlay on the tin at the shop.

Rec Dept Container- Rec Dept container will be stored in the County yard.

NAPA Retaining Wall- Diamond J Construction started work on the NAPA retaining wall today. Shannon Hewson is monitoring the project.

  Lower Dam Report- Shannon hasn’t completed this report yet as he has not received the report back from the Army Corps of Engineers.

  Sparks Bridge- The dirt for this project will come from the Sparks or Dean property and the landowners will be included in the preconstruction meeting.

  11:00AM MILL LEVY DISCUSSION/Brenda Wood, Clerk & Recorder; LaRita Huether, Department of Revenue; Barb Ketterling, Treasurer

  The Commission reviewed the revenues and taxable values and said they would like to keep the mill levies the same as last year.

11:05am- Commissioner Ranum joined the meeting.

  Increased Taxes- LaRita and Barb’s offices have been talking to people who are upset about their tax increases. They have been able to explain the difference between their taxable value versus what their actual tax will be and that has alleviated a lot of people’s concerns.


The Commission reviewed the Workforce Housing Draft Zoning Resolution, Planning Department Staff Report and Draft Resolution of Intent to Adopt Zoning for Workforce Housing before it goes to Public Hearing on September 10, 2015.


  No one appeared for public comment.

  12:00pm- Dave Havens left the meeting.


1:15pm – Dave Havens, member of the public, joined the meeting.

1:15PM LUTHERAN FOOD STAND DISCUSSION/Fred Houzvicka, Lutheran Church Council President; Bruce Kolasch, American Lutheran Church Pastor

  Surrender and Lease Agreement- Darcy Wassmann, County Attorney, is reviewing the contract the Lutheran Council members gave the County.

  Electric Pole – Montana- Dakota Utilities said the electric unit to the west of the building can be moved to another location.

  Building Layout- The Commission asked Fred Houzvicka to have the Lutheran Council members meet with Richard Griffith with Griffith Steel to design a blue print for the layout of the building.

  2:00PM STAHLY ENGINEERING PROJECTS/Jason Rittal, EPEDC Director; Ryan Rittal, Stahly Engineering

  Splash Park Project – KO Construction started the project and the Stahly Engineering inspector is in town to supervise the project.

  Capital Improvement Project Plan (CIP)- The Commission will be meeting with department heads on Thursday to review their projects.

  Phase II Plevna Water Project – The contractor is getting ready to complete water lines on the south side of track and the mains lines are in on the north side and bore under the railroad tracks. They are scheduled to finish by September 11, 2015, although Ryan thinks it won’t be finished by September 25th.

  Stanhope Project- Jason Rittal said the design of the project has been authorized, the topographic survey has been completed and geotechnical services will be done next. It is expected to be out to bid the beginning of January and the project will hopefully start in the spring. Jason is still working on getting cooperation for the project from High Plains Group, LLC.

  2:40PM COUNTY INSURANCE DISCUSSION & HAIL CLAIM UPDATE/Debbie Wyrick, Deputy Clerk & Recorder

  The Commission and Debbie Wyrick discussed County insurance for the Lutheran building, Landfill door repairs and the hail damage claims.

  3:45PM PARK PROJECT UPDATES/Michael Hinshaw, Stahly Engineering Inspector for the Splash Park Project

  Michael Hinshaw with Stahly Engineering came to introduce himself to the Commission.


The Commission approved October 20th, 2014 Commission Minutes.

  4:00PM SPECIAL PROJECT TECHNICIAN JOB DESCRIPTION/Joe Janz, Outside Building Maintenance Supervisor; Julie Straub, Human Resource Manager

  The Commission met with Joe Janz to notify him of the changes to Special Project Technician DuWayne Bohle’s job description.

  Museum Assistance & Security- The Commission and Joe discussed assisting the Museum with maintenance and security.

  4:15PM SPECIAL PROJECT TECHNICIAN JOB DESCRIPTION/DuWayne Bohle, Special Project Technician; Julie Straub, Human Resource Manager; Joe Janz, Outside Building Maintenance Supervisor

The Commission told DuWayne Bohle he is going to begin working primarily on projects assigned by the Commission rather than outside building maintenance duties starting with the insurance hail damage repairs. Julie Straub told DuWayne he will now be supervised by the Commission as a whole.

4:30PM WEED SPRAY PROGRAM DISCUSSION/ Dale Butori, Weed Supervisor; Julie Straub, Human Resource Manager

The Commission and Dale discussed the Road Department possibly spraying for weeds along the roads next year and the Weed crew only spraying for noxious weeds. They also discussed posting signs to indicate what roads have easements so they are the only roads sprayed.



AUGUST 13, 2015


  PRESENT William L. Randash, Chairman; Steve Baldwin, member; Lani DeBuhr, Clerk; ABSENT Deb Ranum, member

  9:00am- Dave Havens, member of the public, joined the meeting.


  Due to the recent loss in oil, gas & coal revenues, the Commission met with department heads to discuss and decrease their 2016 budgets.

  11:00am- Commissioner Ranum joined the meeting.


Commissioner Randash excused himself from the meeting for the duration of the day.

  12:00pm- Dave Havens left the meeting.

  1:15pm- Dave Havens, member of the public, joined the meeting.


  4:35pm- Dave Havens left the meeting.

4:35PM – ATTORNEY BUDGET/ Darcy Wassmann, County Attorney

  Darcy gave the Commission the letter she drafted to send to Halliburton asking them to remove their items from the land Fidelity leased from the County.