Having fun and staying safe at the Fallon County Fair

   Five days and nights of rides, exhibits, grandstand entertainment, 4-H shows, and food, provide those who attend a marvelous time at the great Fallon County Fair! To insure you continue to have a marvelous time, the American Red Cross offers these safety tips for fairgoers.

   • Be aware of the animals around you and their environment. Cows still kick, horses still bite – even if they are on their best “fair” behavior.

   • When allowing older children to enjoy the fair independently, make sure you meet up with them frequently, which will allow them their fun, but also allow you to keep tabs on any ongoing situations.

   • Make sure children coming to the fair alone have a way to contact you at all times.

  • Establish with your younger children what to do if they become separated from you and “you” become lost. Tell them who they should ask for help, where to go, whom can they trust, and how to deal with strangers.

   • Carry with you a small “first-aid kit” consisting of Band-Aids, pain relievers, emergency phone numbers, and antacids.

   • Pace yourself – there is plenty of fair and the time to enjoy it. Especially with hot weather, make sure you drink plenty of water. There are a variety of comfort and respite centers across the fairgrounds, stop in for water and rest your feet. Be aware of heat exhaustion symptoms, especially in the very young and the elderly.

   For mobile on-the-go information, you can also find all of the Red Cross apps in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by searching for American Red Cross or by going to: redcross.org/mobileapps. Download the First Aid and Tornado app before you head out to the Fallon County Fair.