Fair Corner


So many possibilities! There are 18 departments in which to exhibit – nine outdoor and nine indoor. Each department has several divisions and each division has many classes.

   Animals include cows, sheep and goats; cats, dogs and rabbits; horses, swine and llamas. There will be no poultry division this year due to the disease outbreak.

   Ag products cover all kinds of grains, corn, small seeds, and sheaf forage – over 150 classes in all.

   Plants and flowers offer more than 130 classes for you to choose from. Whether cut flowers, blooming, foliage, hanging, or an arrangement, we want to see it.

   Vegetables and fruits include everything from asparagus to watermelon, apples to strawberries. There are four divisions which include all ages of gardeners and nearly 90 classes to choose from. Adults and kids alike – show us what you’ve grown!

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