Public Works Dept. upgrades infrastructure

    The Baker Public Works (PW) residental alley project is currently underway.

Submitted by Lance Wedemeyer, Director of Public Works

The old material is being cut out down to solid ground and replaced with millings. As soon as everything is put in, oil and light chips will be put on top to bind the millings together. This should create nicer alleys.

   The east side water and sewer project is 95 percent complete except for some cleanup.

   The creek channel through town is flowing better but is not complete. A retaining wall behind NAPA will be installed soon. Plans are to replace the bridges between First and Sixth Street SW and a permanent solution found for the bottom of the channel.

  PW, sanitarian and other groups are also working on the lake.

   The downtown alley project will start soon. This will consist of putting in concrete channels and new blacktop.

   The new lagoon should be finished this week and into the testing phase for two weeks. Plans for upgrading the existing cells are being set in motion.

   New banners, Christmas decorations and lighting for downtown are being worked on.

  As part of regular maintenance, the streets will be receiving a lot of attention in the next few weeks. Waterways and alley aprons will also be addressed.

   Sewer flushing will start this month.

   The street sweeper is broke down. A bid will be made on a new mechanical sweeper after August 5, and the department should have one within a few weeks following that.

  A snow blower will also be purchased to help with 100 percent of snow removal.

   New tank mixer and water wells are currently in progress.

   Plans for a chip seat project next spring on the dirt streets left in town and other street sections are being worked out.

   A plan is also being developed for two to three streets a year to receive replacement of water mains and shutoffs, curb and gutter with the help of government funding and Fallon County.

   A lot of smaller projects have been completed. A culvert was replaced on the east side of town with a bigger box culvert. The box culvert by Runnings was lowered. Several ditches have been fixed and concrete drains were installed by the highway.

   The new garbage truck is in operation and a test run with smaller cans will be conducted on a section of town. The large tubs will be exchanged with 90 gallon tubs residents will roll-out to the curb on a scheduled day for garbage pick-up.

   The new subdivision off 6th Street SW has been approved to move forward.

   PW will be working on the intersection on 3rd Street and Runnings Road. Both will be shut down for a couple of days next week. Please pay attention to cones and signs.

   The City of Baker Public Works Department would like to thank the community for working together to make things better and asks for patience and understanding as things move forward.

   Please contact the Public Works Department if you have questions or concerns.