Fair Corner


   Show off your culinary skills with cakes – plain and fancy, all sorts of cookies and bars, as well as pies and candy. There are 36 classes of just cookies! So stir up something yummy and share it with us!

   Canned foods have classes for jellies, jams, syrups, pickles, and butters as well as fruits, vegetables, berries, and meats. If it was canned after the fair last year, you may exhibit it this year. Dried foods can be exhibited, too.

   Sewing and needlework have nearly unlimited possibilities for exhibiting. Do you knot or crochet, weave or quilt, sew or embroider, bead or recycle? Then we want to see what you’ve done. There is a special division for nursing home residents only and one for those over 65.

   Arts and crafts options offer hundreds of chances to show off your talents. Leather, wood, drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry, scrapbooking, stamping, and more are included. Anything your have crafted, we want to see it at the fair.

   In photography, there are divisions according to skill level. Check the fair book to see where your photos will fit. Black and white, color, enlargements, cards, and so much more can be done with photos.

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