Baker Fire Dept. crews test city fire hydrants

   You may have recently noticed Baker Fire Department crews working at fire hydrants and seen water running down the street. Although it may have appeared to waste water, the process is a necessary part of maintenance.

By Lori Kesinger

   The fire hydrant test and maintenance includes capturing flow readings with gauges, flushing of the fire hydrant, and cleaning and painting.

   “The main reason we test the hydrants is to make sure they are in working order,” Fire Chief Tom Bruha said.

   Flow testing of fire hydrants is done to identify the amount of water a certain hydrant can deliver during an emergency situation. All the fire hydrants in the City of Baker were tested and color coded so Fire Department personnel can immediately identify the gallons per minute a hydrant can supply. Green indicates 1,000 plus gallons per minute; yellow 300 to 1,000; red 0 to 300 and black means hydrant is not functioning.

   The fire hydrant test and maintenance is also an important component of the Insurance Service Officer grading of fire protection for a community which results in lower fire insurance premiums for home and business property.